Once a bookworm...

As a young girl, I would stay up all night reading. When I would announce in the morning that I needed a new book, my mom would remind me to chew my books, not swallow them whole. Today I do a better job of chewing, but my love for books has never waned.

As I've grown, I've come to appreciate books' power to comfort us, to strengthen our empathy for others, and to allow us to find ourselves in the stories, whether they be fact or fiction. The joy of finding a good book is second only to the joy of passing on to someone else. This is what led me to create spreadem books. 

Reading plays a huge part in my life. Apart from the significant educational benefits of reading (the achievement gap between white students and students of color disappears when both read widely and passionately - I'm not joking), books provide solace, respite and comfort at times when the world can be a cruel place. The mission of spreadem books is to make it easy to share books with loved ones and strangers, bringing the gift of reading to everyone. I love giving books and, as a hardcore introvert, sharing a beloved book serves a special way of connecting with people. 

I believe that representation is unheedingly important. If this is important to you too, I've made it easy to find books written by women, LGBTQ, people of color, and other traditionally marginalized authors, as well as identifying books with strong women or non-gender conforming protagonists. Please let me know if there is an identity about which you are looking for a book.

A note:

Some of the books I read come from Book of the Month. Check it out if you're interested!